About Me

Gordon is a graduate of the Duke Integrative Medicine Foundation program and is a Duke Certified Health Coach.  As a health coach he works with clients to achieve their health goals with emphasis on achieving a long active life. Gordon is a retired Navy Captain with a Master’s Degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and an undergraduate degree from Kansas State University.  He is also a “Food over Medicine” instructor.

Gordon helps people look and feel their best through lifestyle strategies for sustainable behavioral changes.   As they say, “Put your own mask on first”… and Gordon has done just that.

He has overcome the unhealthy habits of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet and too little exercise. Through behavioral changes and knowledge, he is no longer requires medications for high blood pressure or statins for high cholesterol. He has lost over 40 pounds and has been able to maintain a healthy weight through these sustainable behavior changes.

Gordon, Jan and Pups